Want to Build a Dam? A Beaver Costume May Be in Your Future

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Beavers are large rodents that live on both lands and in the water and are known for their industrious nature of building dams on rivers and streams. In the resulting pond, beavers will build “lodges” where they live and raise their offspring. In order to chop down all this wood, the beaver has powerful, large front teeth. A distinctive feature of the beaver is his long paddle-like tail which is used both to paddle around for transportation and slap down on the water like a beacon of danger. How much fun to dress up in a beaver costume to honor this busy, busy builder.

A beaver dress up costume comes in a surprising a variety of styles including several choices of a mascot beaver costume. A mascot beaver costume typically features a full plush bodysuit with an extra furry chest. The big paddle tail can either stands up on the back of a mascot beaver costume or point down; the first makes it easier to sit if needed. Either a separate character mask or a pull-up hood is provided with a mascot beaver costume and features all of these critters signature facial features including the over-sized teeth! The full-head masks of a mascot beaver costume provides plenty of ventilation so that you remain cool and comfortable. Additionally, there are furry foot covers to go with this beaver costume and make your feet more realistic. Depending on the beaver costume, some come with a vest and top hat or jersey and baseball cap. Perfect for a school event or sports team, all a mascot-style beaver costume needs the addition of a sports jersey from your favorite team.

Mainly in sizes for adults, a beaver costume can be made for toddlers and children using a brown hooded sweatsuit that has been embellished to look like the versions of an adult beaver costume. You can also use some face paints to create a realistic rodent look for your beaver costume. In addition to cheering on the team as a great mascot for sports organizations and corporations, a beaver costume is also a fun choice for Halloween costume or even a Canada Day party. Get the party started in your beaver costume by getting everyone to recite the “how much wood could a woodchuck chuck” tongue twister!

Less to do with this buck-tooth rodent, fans of the old-school television show “Leave It To Beaver” can fashion a beaver costume based on the title character. Played by actor Jerry Mather’s, the character of Beaver was the mischievous little boy on this 1950’s series. This type of beaver costume can be assembled with a pair of khaki pants, a short-sleeve button-down shirt, and a brown hair wig. With this beaver costume, use an eyebrow pencil to speckle freckles on your face and add a baseball cap or whirly propeller hat for fun. Just don’t get in trouble and make Ward and June unhappy!

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