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Best Survival Knife

If you imagine yourself in a tough survival situation, what kind of knife do you most want at your side? To be honest, you don’t mind any knife at this time, as long as it can solve the current survival problem. In fact, since you are reading this article, I have reason to believe that you are a planner. You don’t need any old pocket knife, but you want the best knives to survive.

We all have our personal preferences on a good knife. When we go camping or hiking, we carry it. But in an extreme situation, the best survival knife we reviewed will definitely keep you safe, so we are here to help you make the right choice.

The comparison guide of our best survival knives below and the analysis that follows will help you find the right knife to meet your needs.

1. Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Black Blade

The Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Blade is a survival knife that you’ll want to bring along with you for an outdoor adventure and one that you’ll be eager to show off to your camping buddies. This knife can be compared to the Trail Master Bowie. The black blade is 7 ½ inches long and is made out of SK-5 high carbon. You will like the thickness of this blade, its shape and handle as well. This knife measures 12 ½ inches overall.

Cold Steel Recon Scout Kraton Handle with Blade Review:
4.6 average customer rating was given to this best survival knife. There were less than 15 who reviewed this item. 85% of the customers gave it a high score of 5 while 7% of them scored it 4 and 1 respectively.

Many reviewers noted that this knife could almost do everything. One reviewer who had this knife for a couple of years already mentioned that he was able to make a hole in the wall as well as skin a whitetail deer. This reviewer also liked the fact that the steel was made out of carbon which made it easier to sharpen. His hands sweat but were able to grip the handle well. Another customer, who after doing some research, decided to buy this knife and was pleased with the quality. He has been able to use this to chop wood and splitting them too. A customer reported that this made a good throwing knife as well. He also likes the sheath.

Although this knife may be a little bit expensive for some, some of the reviewers assured other customers that it’s worth the money and that they will not be dismayed at their purchase. Videos over the internet can help show you what else this knife can do. A satisfied customer stated that this was indeed a survival knife which can perform different functions.

A couple of the reviewers thought that the sheath wasn’t very good at securing this knife. One reviewer mentioned that the sheath wouldn’t bite the knife hard enough; it wasn’t held in strongly. Also, one reviewer thought that maybe the Kraton handle will not hold up after awhile. The person who scored this the lowest score of 1 did not like it since his knife came in wherein the edge went beyond the grip. He found this to be very dangerous as a user.

In addition, he also noted that the knives were made in Taiwan and not in the United States.

This is a survival knife that we believe will serve the purposes that you need. It’s a good knife to have at home for some heavier duties than usual and it’s also a great knife to take with you when you leave the comforts of your house. This can handle heavy tasks such as chopping wood, meat, and more. We believe that this knife comes with a great value and it will be one that you can’t live without.

2. Tom Brown Tracker with Micarta Handle

The Tom Brown Tracker with Micarta Handle looks cool and works just the way it looks. Its 7-inch blade is made out of 1095 high carbon alloy and it’s coated with black traction. The handle is made out of Micarta. A Kydex heavy duty casing is included; you can carry this knife horizontally with its cutting edge facing down.

Tom Brown Tracker with Micarta Handle Reviewer:
This best survival knife earned a 4.6 average customer rating. There were less than 10 people who reviewed this item. Most of them however at 88% gave it the highest score of 5 while only one person scored this a 1.

This was indeed the knife to carry along with you as seen in the reviews of customers. One reported that he got interested in this knife when he watched the movie “The Hunted” and found that this was indeed the knife to have when out in the wilderness. This survival knife was better than the other knives he already had. This reviewer did mention however that this wasn’t a fighting knife as also seen in the movies. He found that this knife was very sharp and its feature of saw teeth also made it effective in cutting wood. In addition, he found that this was strong enough for starting a fire with flint which will not affect the blade.

This reviewer found that the knife could do everything that he says it can and was satisfied by his purchase. Another reviewer also found that this knife was manufactured in the United States which is an added bonus. He also went on to say that this knife wasn’t just for survival but a knife that is a useful tool for anything. Many of the reviewers did note that if you’re serious about going out in the wilderness or just to be prepared, this is the knife to have which will aid in securing your survival.

This best survival knife did have certain issues. One found that the blade was a little bit too thick in order to do other things which required a thin blade. Since it is made out of carbon oily, users must keep it oiled to prevent it from oxidizing completely says the same reviewer. He went on to say that the casing may also not work well for those who are left-handed such as him. There were a few reviewers who saw that this knife was kind of heavy, but it was heavy so that it can also do some heavy-duty cutting.

This is a knife that was noted to be the best in terms of being a survival knife and many reviewers claimed that. However, in addition, many of the reviewers found that this was the knife to have to do many other kinds of tasks. For its price, it is indeed a reasonable and recommended buy. Serious individuals who love being in the outdoors will want to put this trust in this knife.

3. Fallkniven A1 Army Survival Knife with Zytel Sheath

The Fallkniven A1 Army Survival Knife with Zytel Sheath has a plain blade that is 6 1/3 inches which are made out of steel Laminate VG10. It is overall 11 inches long. The handle of it is made out of Kraton while its casing is made of Zytel.

Fallkniven A1 Army Survival Knife with Zytel Sheath Review:
There were a few handfuls who reviewed this survival knife, with the number being at only less than 10. However, we can see that this survival knife made a great impression since 100% of them scored it a perfect 5 which is why it received an average customer rating of 5.0. Read on to learn what made this knife the best.

One of the customers implied that the search for a great survival knife ends with this. He mentioned that customers should no longer contemplate on the quality of this knife but just go ahead and buy it. A reviewer who had experience of being a soldier stated that this was a lightweight knife to take especially if you are carrying a lot of weight from water, bags, etc.

He noted that this was a comfortable knife to hold since its grip will work especially if your hands are wet. The back of the knife could also be used to do some pounding as well. Another great thing about this knife as noted by this former soldier was that the knife can also be used while in place. He described this knife as “functional.” One reported that its finish helped prevent rust on the blade. This reviewer also reported that this knife is able to cut logs and even break concrete.

Many customers noted that this was the knife used by the Swedish Air Force since 1995. A reviewer living in the northwest liked how this knife was made out of laminated steel since carbon alloy knives would oxidize quickly in their temperature. Thus, this knife was low maintenance for him. This was raved to be the best knife by many of the customers.

There were some drawbacks with this best survival knife. One of them was that the casing wasn’t as secure as a reviewer hoped it would be. Also, others found that the quality of the casing wasn’t good. A reviewer mentioned that he found that the casing was laminated in terms of how you can carry the knife.

We believe that the quality and durability of this knife will last you a long time. We also believe in what the reviewers stated that this is a great lightweight survival knife which will be able to serve many functions and even heavy duty operations. The fact that the Swedish Air Force is also noted to be using this knife makes it higher on the survival knife list. We believe that this laminated steel survival knife will be able to serve you while out in the wilderness. This is a highly recommended buy for anyone who wants to be prepared for any planned and emergency situations.

4. Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe

The Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe displays confidence with its black S30V stainless steel that is coated with black tungsten. Users can feel confident as they grip this due to its G-10 handle that has scales in matte-black for a better grip; in addition right and left-handed people will also take to this easily because of the Speed Safe opening system. Whether you’re a professional at knife handling or an amateur, the quad mounting system will give you ease in how you point your knife. The knife measures up to 5 7/8 inches overall; the blade is only 3 ¼ inches. It weighs 6.2 ounces.

Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe Review:
The less than 50 people who reviewed this best survival knife gave it an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5. An amazing 83% of customers gave this knife the highest score of 5. We can see right away that many customers found this knife impressive. 11% scored this a 4. 2% of the customers scored 3 and 2.

So many customers liked this knife for its sharpness. A reviewer exclaimed that it came sharply from the box. It can be easily sharpened noted a customer and has a good edge. Still, another reported that it was like cutting through butter. The latter reviewer liked how the blade was so hard due to the tungsten coating. He even exclaimed it was hard to personalize it with a laser. The Speed Safe feature as one mentioned was easy to use and it seems that it will keep the blade secured when not in use. One reviewer who worked in a shipping yard uses this every day at his job. Others mentioned that they were able to use this knife to cut up cardboard and also stated that this is the kind of knife useful to carry during weekends or for the military. Another liked the handle very much because of the good grip that it provided. Many exclaimed that this was a great “solid” knife that was definitely their money’s worth. This is one of the high-quality knives.

Some issues concerning this best survival knife were that it was a bit heavy and bulky. A customer mentioned that this might not be the kind of knife to put into your summer short pocket and it may be too rugged so will not fit everyone’s preference. In addition, several customers complained about the thumb stud. There were also a few left-handed customers who felt that the grip of this knife did not accommodate them. For them, it was too close to the grip that it’s not able to fulfill is the purpose. One customer complained that it seemed so hard to close with one hand; he had to use both his hands. Some reviewers also complained that the blade was not sharp; one was saddened that the company did not make it with a better edge.

There were a few issues with this knife, but we believe that this will be able to meet your needs. There were a lot of great reviews and the average customer rating also speaks of how good this knife is. If you’re a left-handed person, you may want to give this knife a benefit of the doubt; otherwise, we highly recommend it.

5. Gerber LHR Knife, Serrated Edge

The Gerber LHR Knife, Serrated Edge under model number 30-000183 is for serious knife handlers. This was made with combat experience of Matt Larsen and knife making an experience of Chris Reeve and William Harsey Jr. It’s made with a full tang for strength. The blade is 6.87 inches and overall it measures 12.5 inches. The TacHide handle to provide users with the best grip even when wet. You will also be getting the best as this is made in the United States. This survival knife weighs 11.2 ounces.

Gerber LHR Knife, Serrated Edge Review:
This best survival knife earned an average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5. Of the 21 customers who reviewed this knife, 42% of them scored this the highest score of 5 while 57% of them gave it a score of 4.

Many customers liked the same things about this knife. A few reviewers liked how this knife was made with professionals behind it. Just by the look of this knife, some reviewers pointed out that it could easily be seen that it’s a combat knife but with an additional function as a survival knife. A customer mentioned that he takes this knife on his backpacking trips. One reviewer liked it because of its perfect balance and he liked how it had a great grip. A reviewer liked the sheath as well because of its locking device. The knife is secured in it. This reviewer also pointed out that this came with a belt and leg strap to place your knife to keep it handy at all times. Others liked the serrations on the knife which made it easy to cut other things. Also, many mentioned that they liked this knife because it was made in the United States. So many reviewers appreciated the knives that this company is making and looking forward to more.

Several customers thought that this best survival knife was too hard to pull out of the sheath. Others found that it was difficult to reinsert the knife back into its sheath. This is the reason why many customers subtracted one point. One customer thought that it would have been better if the sheath was a little bit more rounded. Another mentioned that it’s difficult with one hand so he uses two. This was the main concern for the customers. Besides this, however, they thought that the knife was excellent and had great use as a combat or survival knife. Those who liked the sheath mentioned that it only took practice to be able to remove and insert the knife.

Based on the average customer rating and the reviews, we believe that this is a great knife to have whether for combat or survival. The knife was deemed impressive by many of the customers. Although there is an issue with the sheath for most of the customers that can be replaced by another kind if buyers should have trouble. We believe that the knife should have the main attention and highly recommend it.

6. Ontario RAT-5 with Micarta Handle and Cordura Sheath

The Ontario RAT-5 with Micarta Handle and Cordura Sheath under OK8627 is a simple knife with its plain edge with its black texture powder coat finish. This survival knife is sharp looking with it 4.75-inch blade that is made out 1095 carbon steel. It has a Cordura nylon sheath that you can carry it with that was finished just like the blade. The handle is made out of micarta in the color foliage green. The overall measurement of this knife is 10.75 inches.

Ontario RAT-5 with Micarta Handle and Cordura Sheath Review:
With only 5 customers who reviewed this, it earned an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5. The highest score is 5 which 40% of the customers voted for. This is likewise with score 4. Only 20% gave it a score of 3.

This best survival knife is a good one to take with you on a camping trip as noted by one reviewer. It can be multifunctional. This reviewer liked it because it is durable and has a nice edge. He mentioned that it is pretty heavy; however, this aspect can be ignored in lieu of the fact that it is compact. The handle was also noted to be very strong describing it to be good enough to break a bone. Others also liked the finish of it. Another reviewer reported that this knife was as good as an expensive one for its performance.

Some customers had issues with this best survival knife. For one customer, he felt that the sheath wasn’t good at securing the knife. This reviewer went on to say that it would have been better if it was made out of Kydex and had a MOLLE feature. He also expected it to have a wire cutter since it’s a survival knife. It was for these reasons stated that this reviewer gave it a lower score of 4. The customer who gave it a score of 3 was dissatisfied with the sheath also. His sheath made noises which meant that the knife didn’t fit well. He also complained that the sheath was made out of cheap plastic. He was so disappointed that he doesn’t plan on buying any more knives from this company.

If you’re looking for a simple knife that can serve multiple functions, this is a recommended knife. We believe that its materials will be durable and quality to take with you on your family camping trip which makes a great survival knife. Though there were some unsatisfied customers due to its sheath, it may just have been coincidental; it is important that you give more focus to the knife if you’re looking for a sturdy knife that you can depend on. And it doesn’t need to just be a knife to bring with you while you’re out. It will be able to tackle some household chores as well. Thus, we believe that this product will be able to fulfill your needs and recommend it.

7. Whetstone USA Full Tang Stainless Steel Jungle Survival Knife

The Whetstone USA Full Tang Stainless Steel Jungle Survival Knife features a thick blade made of 440 stainless steel. The full tang blade boasts of extreme sharpness. The knife comes with a rugged handle designed to give extra comfort in gripping and fitting perfectly in the hand. It comes complete with a protective case, making this knife one of the best possible companions while out in the great outdoors. The blade measures 7 inches while the handle measures 5 1/8 inches.

Whetstone USA Full Tang Stainless Steel Jungle Survival Knife Review:
The sixty customers who gave their thoughts on this survival knife gave it an average rating of 4.5 stars. A high 63% of the reviewers gave it a perfect 5.0-star rating, with only 5% of the reviewers giving it a rating of 3.0 stars or less.

Many of the reviewers commended this survival knife for being very well balanced. They also noted that the partially rubberized handle resulted in a very good feel in the hand. Several other customers remarked that it was rare to find such a good knife for the price. Many other buyers commended the knife for coming very sharp out of the box and for having a nice shape. It was also confirmed to be fairly durable. One of the reviewers shared how he liked fine knives but could hardly afford most of them; he also reportedly liked inexpensive items that made such products available to those on a limited budget. He described this knife as giving a big punch for its inexpensive price. He liked how it was thick and heavily made. Of course, he conceded that he did not expect it to hold its edge as well as its more expensive counterparts, but he did find that it took an edge nicely. Another reviewer raved about how the blade was what he felt was just the perfect shape and length for use as a survival knife. He admitted that it did not come as sharp as he would have wanted, but he only had to sharpen it for a few minutes on a diamond stone and it became sharp enough to shave hair. Many of the users also commended the knife for being heavy and made of good steel, resulting in their being unanimously pleased with their purchase.

Meanwhile, some of the users who were greatly happy with the knife commented that the nylon sheath seemed a bit cheap. But considering the price of the knife, they did not really mind it. Another user had some issues with the handle: he found that the finger grooves were a bit too wide for his hand, but again, because of the reasonable price of the knife, he did not mind overlooking that. He would still gladly recommend the knife as a low-cost but good quality option for buyers of survival knives.

Based on these comments, we would be very happy to recommend this survival knife as a low-cost alternative that is still found to do the job.

8. Recon Scout with Kraton Handle and Plain Blade

The Recon Scout with Kraton Handle and Plain Blade might be the simple but best survival knife that you can bring with you for the next camping trip. The steel blade made out of SK5 high carbon is black which has an epoxy finish. The blade measures up to 7 ½ inches and it is 5/16 inches thick. The handle which is made out of Kraton is 5 inches long. Overall, it weighs 15 ounces. A sheath is included in the package.

Recon Scout with Kraton Handle and Plain Blade Review:
Although there were only a handful of customers who reviewed this product, it left an impression because it earned an average customer rating of 4.7 out 5. We can also see in the breakdown of the scores that majority were impressed and satisfied as 81% of the customers gave this a score of 1 while scores 4 and 3 each earned only 9%.

This best survival knife was liked for many different aspects. One reviewer liked how the blade was made out of steel; he mentioned that it may not be the best steel, but it really works and can be easily maintained through sharpening which is easy. On top of that, its thickness makes it worthy enough to be used as a hammer. The handle easily absorbs shock and is easy to grip even if it is wet. He noted that the handle was durable. This reviewer liked the performance of the knife so much that he bought another and sent it as a gift to his son who as at that time living in Iraq. One reviewer mentioned that he liked the sheath. The knife can be put into the sheath in many different ways. Another feature that was liked about this knife was that it’s heavy enough to do other things like cut wood which makes it multifunctional. The balance as one reviewer stated was great.

There were a few issues regarding this best survival knife. One did not like the sheath. The customer who gave it a score of 3 only did so because of the possibility that this was made outside of the United States. This customer believes that for the best steel products, U.S. made products are the best.

A few concerns about this knife were raised. However, it does not erase the fact that the average customer rating for this knife is pretty high; in addition, the lowest score given was only a 3 but for the reason that it was not made in the U.S. Everyone else is happy and satisfied with its make, design, and performance. Thus, we believe that this knife will make a great survival knife when out in unfamiliar territory. In addition, this knife will be handy to have when you need to do some duty work. This is a knife that many customers have come to depend on and we believe that you can too. This item is highly recommended.

9. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

The KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife was reportedly designed for use by the US troops during World War II, making it one of the most famous designs for a fixed blade knife across the world. Made of 1095 Cro-Van steel, the knife comes with a leather handle.

The blade features a straight edge and measures 7 inches in length. The US Marine Corp stamp is set on the knife, having been made in the United States, while the leather sheath is made in Mexico.

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review:
The number of reviewers for this survival knife has exceeded four hundred, and the average rating was still a very high 4.8 stars. Close to four hundred of the reviewers gave it a perfect 5.0-star rating, with the rest mostly giving it a high 4.0-star or a moderate 3.0-star rating. Only a handful gave this knife less than 3.0 stars.

The users confirmed that this knife was heavy and well-balanced. They also appreciated how it came sharp out of the box, sharp enough to shave off some arm hair. Many of the users also agreed that they would gladly recommend this knife to people who wanted a near-perfect blade, for use in combat, hunting, and survival. Several of the reviewers also commented that the knife felt very solid and was easy to grip in the hand. One of the reviewers pointed back to the history of the Ka-Bar Survival Knife, with its being known for its reliability for daily chores while also being unquestionably lethal in combat applications. He confirmed that everything he heard about this knife was indeed true; this knife came with the original pattern, practically identical to the ones used during World War II and still being in use in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. He shared how the knife came with exceptional steel and required little effort to re-sharpen. The leather on the handle made it easy to grip, and the blade shape was found to be extremely effective, with a sharp point, enough curve for skinning/slicing/dressing, and enough length on its straight edge for all other tasks, including combat.

Meanwhile, there was a very small percentage of reviewers who were not quite as happy with their purchase. One of the complaints came from a buyer who was at first happy at the fast delivery, but was then disappointed with the knife, as it came without the least bit of sharpness: he described it as not even being able to cut paper easily, while the serration came a bit sharper. He clarified that he did not doubt the quality of the knife, but that he felt that quality control was missing to some extent. He added that other than his issue with quality control, he would still recommend the knife, sharing that his best friend also has one and described it as amazing.

From these comments, we would still highly recommend this survival knife for use in hunting and survival situations.

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